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Our love for Mexican food began nearly 30 years ago. As we traveled deeper into Mexico, we quickly discovered it’s heart. The food.At Señor Moose, we celebrate comida tipica, the cooking found in central plateau Mexico’s fondas and backroom kitchens. From moment one I have written down recipes, watched and made notes as I have talked to women in fondas (small homey restaurants) road side places, houses and markets, most often in the states of Michoacan, Jalisco and Nayarit as well as in Mexico City. We have been fortunate to have had wonderful creative women helping me in the house who cooked with what there was that day, what was interesting at the market, food they prepared for their families from memory, recipes from mothers, grandmothers and aunts—and a few of my favorite men as well. We took notes as they cooked, or as we cooked together. The food at Señor Moose is a result of those jottings. Not to mention a stunning effort from our amazing staff. We try to stay true to real FONDA food, food that tastes as much like it does in Mexico as possible.